My two children are now so into Minecraft I had two buy a second license so that they could play together. Also to avoid letting them roam around on the internet in search for servers, I set up my own. Thankfully it was quite easy, at least compared to installing all kinds of weird Minecraft mods from ad infested sites that were more like labyrinths.

I then realized that it was best to have a dedicated machine for the Minecraft server. Fortunately I have an ESXi virtualization server in my basement, so it was not trouble to boot up a new virtual machine and setup the Minecraft server on that one.

As soon as that was solved another problem emerged. The children have their rooms in each end of the house, so to communicate while playing they started shouting. Really loud!
After an hour of constant shouting I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to dig around the closets for some old headsets. I found two old uncomfortable things, but they still worked. I don’t know what people are using nowadays for communication while playing, so I just installed Skype and created them an account each. No fuzz, it just worked.

Now they are both playing and it’s so quiet that I can actually read a book.