Monthly archives: May, 2014

Plane material

Some depron, carbon fiber┬átubes and piano wire arrived today. I’m going to try and build my own RC planes and this is the first shipment of material. I’m currently creating a shopping list for all the electronics from Hobby King, unfortunately their delivery times are quite slow.

Plane crash

My first day of flying my plane for the year ended abruptly. I misjudged how far of the plane was when I was bringing it around for a landing and it ended up in a tree. High up in a tree. I would estimate around 7m up and probably 4m out from the trunk. Of…

New Arduino stuff arrived

I got some new toys from Deal Extreme today. One Freaduino Leonardo, 2 relay boards, a simple display, SD-card reader and some cables. This was only a partial delivery as I’m still waiting for another Freaduino, a nano arduino and a Bluetooth module. I’m going to use these parts for two different projects. One to…